Spanky is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Speaking in Unison. His goal is to build a fair and honest outlet in today’s fractured news environment.

Short Stack

Short Stack’s name is actually Short Stack. He was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is a former botanist who worked mainly with apples, avocados and starfruit.

Sal Vincenzo

Sal “Salami Hands” Vincenzo is a Long Island native and an avid New York Sports fan. He’s been covering New York sports for over 5 years. He formerly wrote for the New York Daily News.

Jimmy O’Connor

Jimmy “Bowl full O’ Soup ” O’Connor is our Boston sports writer. Jimmy owns “O’Connor’s Irish Pub” in downtown Boston.

Morty Leibowitz

Morty Leibowitz was born in Brooklyn, New York and is a retired postal worker. After retiring from the post office after 35 years, Morty took up freelance writing. He covers current events and social trends.

Rick Smith

Rick is a conservative commentator writing about current events and politics. Rick lives and works from his ranch and in Hermann, Missouri.

Elizabeth Boucard

Elizabeth Worcestershire Boucard (she/her/hers) is a proud feminist and published author of New York Times bestseller, Why Boat Shoes are Racist. She formerly worked for the Washington Post.

Ramona Stephenson

Ramona is a proud mother of 3 and our home and lifestyle author. She is perhaps best known for creating her own home remedies.