Adam Sandler Admits That “The Thanksgiving Song” Was Inspired By The Film “Back To The Future”

Turkey-lurker-dee and a turkey-lurkey-duture, “The Thanksgiving Song” was inspired by “Back To The Future.” Or at least that’s what Adam Sandler said in a recent interview with The Orlando Sentinel.

Johnathan Baker sat down with the Jewish superstar to discuss his famous song. Some of the interview can be seen below:

Baker: Adam it’s been almost 27 years since you first debuted “The Thanksgiving Song.” Isn’t that crazy?

Sandler: Hoo-hoo, shabba doo.

Baker: With that 27th anniversary rapidly approaching, I wanted to ask you what inspired you to make such a fantastic, universally-admired song?

Sandler: Well Johnny, believe it or not, the heaviest influence on that particular song was the movie “Back To The Future” starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd.

Baker: Interesting, that is something of which I was completely unaware. Can you go into a little more depth?

Sandler: Hee-hoo, dabba doo, GAYLOOOO!

While a rather shocking source of inspiration for a song about Thanksgiving, “Back To The Future” apparently supplied Sandler with enough creative ammunition to craft a lovely song honoring one of America’s most beloved holidays.

But I can’t help but sit here with my hat in my hands in utter confusion because I’m pretty sure “Back To The Future” has nothing to do with Thanksgiving. Like not only is there no Thanksgiving scene in the film, but there’s legitimately not a single mention of the November holiday throughout the entire movie.

Could it be that Adam Sandler was just really thankful for the movie? I am just so lost. And Adam just saying “hee-hoo” in the interview doesn’t help my understanding of his inspiration.

But you gotta love the Sand man!

-Short Stack

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