The Knicks Deprive Fans Opportunity to Boo Their Draft Pick After Team Takes Barrett

It’s a tradition unlike any other in sports. The Knicks making a wild and inexcusably poor pick on draft night and fans booing in disgust. Some nights are stuff of legend like in ’99 when the Knicks selected Frederic Weis over New York native and St. John’s Star Ron Artest. The collective booing from drunk and disgruntled fans that night brought a tear to my eye. And who could forget when the Knicks took Kristaps Porzingis. The booing was magnificent. There’s something about the Knicks selecting a Euro with their first pick that can really get a loud and harmonious boo.

Some writers might say booing a 20 year old kid before he even steps on an NBA court might be a rush to judgement. Doesn’t matter. We boo regardless. Knick fans treat their draft pick like Patriot fans treat Roger Goodell, and it’s magnificent. It’s one thing to boo your commissioner like those Boston shmucks but booing the newest addition to your team is special.

With the draft in New York and the Knicks with the 3rd pick there was no way the Knicks couldn’t screw this up. Duke star RJ Barrett was such an obvious choice that the Knicks were sure to look elsewhere. Turns out they actually fuckin’ took this kid and deprived us fans out of the one small pleasure we get a year.

I was brown-bagging tall boy bud lights on the LIRR all day with my boys Vinny and Johnny Q getting ready for this shitstorm. It’s fuckin’ unbelievable. I had such blueballs I had to boo a kid wearing a Steph Curry jersey outside Atlantic Terminal. To make matters worse the Knicks will probably give their two max contracts to Khris Middleton and Tobias Harris and destroy any chance at being relevant for the next 6 years. It all goes back to that bum Durant tearing his Achilles. Really bad break for the Knicks.

-Sal “Salami Hands” Vincenzo

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