Welcome to Speaking in Unison

Have you ever heard the pleasant sound of a harmonious barber shop quartet? How about the accidental occurrence of two people saying the exact same thing at the same time? It’s pretty fantastic isn’t it? Well what if I told you that there’s a website out there, chock full of news and content, that conveys those same peaceful vibes? And what if I told you that site is right here?

Speaking In Unison aims to bring a sense of synchronization to the covering of current events and various other hot topics. In today’s era of fake news and extreme inconsistencies throughout the popular media, we and our diverse team of talented writers strive to remain in sync.

For the best unbiased and consistent news content, Speaking In Unison is your one and only option.

Thanks for visiting!

I am very excited to to the launch of Speaking in Unison! Speaking in Unison was created to provide fair and honest coverage in today’s age of “fake news”. Together with my talented and diverse staff of contributors, we aim to change the way you look at news. We have hired some of the best writers from all of the country who are sure to provide informative and entertaining content.

Big thanks,


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